Why you should get cherry laurel for sale in Ireland?

Cherry laurel copes with almost all types of soil, and it grows rapidly into a hedge. Its advantages are obvious – nevertheless, the woody plant, which is popular among hobby gardeners in Ireland, is somewhat controversial among professionals.

Shrubs have large evergreen leaves, which means boredom and monotony from the perspective of garden designers. This is also true from an ecological side. The shrub offers little added value. In addition, the strong-growing woody plant quickly gets out of shape. And it certainly suffers frost damage in winter, adds Forster.

However, many problems can be avoided with proper care and the selection of certain varieties. For example, a variety that grows well in Ireland may be susceptible to frost. There are up to 20 varieties, so you will definitely find something suitable. Amature gardeners should look for this information when buying.

Varieties that have slender and slow growth are currently popular. We suggest looking for the variety Rotundfolia, which shoots up more weakly. Among the new varieties, Cleopatra has a fairly moderate growth rate, and Genolia has a very slender growth. The variety Lusitanica is slender, winter-hardy, moderately vigorous, and can also be shaped well.

The ideal location for the cherry laurel is in partial shade. For really shady places gardeners should fall back on strongly growing varieties. However, under trees, for example, pressure from the roots of woody plants on the cherry laurel can play a role. You have to prepare the soil meticulously so that the shrubs can grow in well.

But the cherry laurel is adaptable when it comes to the condition of the soil. Only waterlogging is bad. In extremely dry weather, the bushes should be watered. It is also important to choose a good quality plant for purchase. The product should be sold in a large pot. Amateur gardeners should find a picture of the root ball on a store website, and the soil in the pot should be rooted. High-quality specimens are evenly structured and have good foliage all around.

Hardy evergreen cherry laurel hedge in Ireland

We bought and planted our cherry laurel hedge 3 years ago. It had to grow fast because we needed it as a screen against a nasty neighbor. Therefore, I cherish and care for it like my own child (hope that does not sound crazy). I wanna share some of my little secrets, hope they help you if you get yourself a hedge.

Trimming was the hardest thing I had to learn in quite a while. I hope I do it right, have googled sooooooo much about it: at the beginning I cut only on the sides, so it should just shoots up in height. Not sure that it’s the right way but it worked for me, so I can recommend it if you want a higher hedge.

The ideal time to trim laurel hedge, it turns out, is in the spring before it blooms, but it can also be done right after it blooms, such as in June or in the fall. Actually, the trimming of the hedge is all year round thing, except in case of severe frost or constant heat and strong sunshine. This is one of the reasons we got a hardy evergreen laurel hedge, other plants are much more demanding.

Funnily enough, after each trimming, our hedge becomes even bushier. Besides, it is high enough now (approx. 6-7 feet). It should not really become much higher, but now can really go more in the width.

I am also testing and trying different fertilizers now. I tried that before with a scattered fertilizer but somehow I’m not happy about it. It is very difficult to spread an exact amount around the closely grown plants. I will go back to watering with liquid fertilizer, it is the easiest way in my opinion.

Do not forget to check your hedge for snails. We got some colonies in ours and it is amazing how fast they are eating the plants. While getting rid of the snails is not a very nice process, I don’t want our hedge eaten away like 2 years ago. Check it regularly and do what must be done.

Also, sparrows seem to have colonized the hedge. Unlike the snails, they just make nests and do not seem to do much damage. More than that, I think birds are good for the hedge, they eat some of the insects.

We like the hedge quite well as it is right now – not so stiff and straight, but loose.

Hope my experience and tips will help you at some point. Just want to add: getting a laurel hedge is a great choice if you do not mind taking care of it.

Fastgrowing laurel hedge on LaurelHedging

A little more than a year ago we bought a laurel hedge on LaurelHedging and I have only positive things to say about it. “Out-of-the-box”, so to speak, plants were about 3 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet wide. Now it doubled the height, we will let it grow a bit higher and then start to cut it regularly. I’m not sure how tall it can get if left without trimming.

The hedge actually became very dense, which we did not expect, but it is perfect as a privacy screen. Also, I imagine that hopping over it is more difficult than with a regular fence, and it is another unexpected advantage. The only downside is when it blooms, its flowers attract wildlife, and I’m not a fan of all the bugs, especially when they just come out of nowhere when you are doing something near the hedge.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, we got a common laurel. Considered cherry laurel but they say it has berries that can be poisonous and we got kids, so… It was better to play it safe. If you get a cherry one and do not mind sending a picture, I would really love to see how one looks in your garden. I suspect that most pictures on the Internet do not represent reality.

By the way, are you supposed to water the hedge or is it going to fine on its own? We did water the soil before planting and the last autumn was pretty rainy so this questing did not arise before the summer. Since it is so hot now, I started sprinkling the hedge from time to time, still not sure if I was supposed to do that.

Recommend anyone who does not like those metal fences to get themselves a fastgrowing laurel hedge. It really shoots up in no time and looks simply amazing. Yeah, you have to fertilize the soil and trim the plants but it is much better than a fence that will be covered in rust in a few years. Do not know how long laurel lives but hope it will stay this beautiful for a long time.

All in all, we are very happy with the hedge. Want to say a special thanks to the people working at LaurelHedging, the consult was excellent, and perhaps only by following their instructions we got such an amazing result. And to anyone who is hesitant but really wants a hedge, I want to say that is it worth it and needs a lot less care than you might initially think.

Seaside cherry laurel hedge review in Ireland

I want to share my experience of getting a laurel hedge for my garden. I leave at a cost, so I needed a seaside hedge that is suitable for these conditions. Not all people know that strong wind and salt are not ideal conditions for most plants. I found the right one pretty quickly on LaurelHedging and it was a hardy evergreen laurel hedge. Cherry laurel grows well at a cost, is evergreen, and does not require a lot of care.

I found out that there are a few advantages to getting this particular hedge. First, the cherry laurel hedge is very fast growing, which makes it ideal if you move to a new house and need it to grow quickly. It also has the advantage of being able to grow in most soil types and climates, like my cost garden. This means you can plant your hedge almost anywhere. Another advantage of this type of hedge is that it is relatively low maintenance, as long as it gets enough water during the summer. Every now and then it will need to be trimmed, but not too often if it was planted correctly the first time.

Important: wear gloves and protective clothing when working with your cherry laurel hedge, as it can cause skin irritation. I did not know about it, so got a nasty rush the first time I trimmed it.

I think it would be unfair if I did not mention the disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage of a laurel hedge is that it can be invasive. It spreads very quickly when you first plant it, and if you are not ready to trim the hedge regularly, it may not be the right plant for you. Also, like all hedges in general, laurels are liked by insects that can cause a lot of damage over time.

If these disadvantages make you reconsider, do not worry, there are a number of alternative plants. However, the problem with most alternatives is that they are more difficult to maintain in some ways and might not be right for your region or the type of soil you have. Of course, you can find anything online, and I’m sure that there is a hedge that will suit your garden.

I do not like flashy plants, laurel, on the other hand, is an elegant plant that has a formal look to it. In addition, it grows well on the seaside, which was the main selling point for me. For you, these things might not be as important.

A Hardy Evergreen Hedge in Ireland

Hardy evergreen hedge can be a perfect option if you live in a climate where most other plants don’t grow very well. By the way, the term “evergreen” in botany refers to all plants that retain their leaves throughout the year. Therefore, evergreen plants are very popular in the garden, especially during the winter months when they retain their color and dense leaves. Most evergreen plants are also hardy and fast-growing, so they form an opaque area in a short time and can act as a natural privacy screen in the garden.

Native hedge plants are particularly good options for the winter. This is not surprising, as native plants have been coping with their environment for a very long time, so they will survive those particularly cold periods if they grow in nutrient-rich and well-drained garden soil that is not affected by waterlogging. 

When it comes to the biological balance of your garden, native hedge plants are excellent, because the birds, insects, and small animals in your area know these plants very well. As a result, they also know how to handle the flowers, berry fruits, leaves, and branches so they can be used as a food source or habitat. And for you, a fast-growing evergreen hedge will provide plenty of privacy, as well as wind, dust, and noise protection in the garden.

These plants can be used in a variety of ways. Hardy evergreen hedge won’t lose its green color in the winter, so it provides plenty of texture and color in the garden at any time of year. Whether a plant is hardy and frost-resistant also depends on how it is cared for. It is particularly important to fertilize with potassium, which is responsible for regulating the water balance in the plant cells. This is because only plants that are sufficiently supplied with potassium can also be frost-resistant. However, it is also important that your plants get enough nutrients, so even particularly hardy hedge plants should be fertilized every year.

You can get find many types of evergreen hedge plants. The variety is huge, so it might be difficult to choose the right one. We recommend getting a fast-growing evergreen hedge if you want to redesign your garden because it is the quickest way to get a good result.

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