Portuguese laurel actually feels itself at home in most climates. The twigs and branches, with their elegant, smooth, and gray bark, look modern and traditional at the same time. The foliage of the variety is very similar to that of the common laurel. The dark green leaves have a slightly wavy edge with reddish petioles.

In order for the leaves to develop their colors well, the Portuguese laurel should be planted in semi-shady or even sunny spots in the garden. A well-drained and moderately dry soil provides the best conditions for vigorous growth. However, it is important that the location is protected from cold winds and the winter sun – after all, it is a hardy plant.

All in all, if you live in Ireland and want to buy the Portuguese laurel, you do not have to be an experienced gardener, this plant will feel well in such a climate. The plant is pleasantly easy to care for and undemanding.

Buy Portuguese laurel and take advantage of its benefits

Portuguese laurel is popular as a topiary shrub in the garden. It is suitable, for example, as a hedge against prying eyes or for separating the sections of your garden. In order for the plant to keep its shape, it should be pruned every year after flowering. Young plants, on the other hand, are best cut back right from the start. This allows the branches to branch better and the plant to grow even more expansive. If the plant is getting on in years and has been neglected, it should be cut back to the old wood. This will allow to sprout diligently again and form new branches.

If you want to buy the Portuguese laurel, you are dealing with an extremely low-maintenance plant. It is a real highlight, especially in Mediterranean gardens. Whether as a hedge of its own variety, in combination with other hedge plants, or as a soloist in a planter, the Portuguese laurel should not be missing from any garden.

By the way, the plant is not only practical and beautiful to look at, but it also offers many native species of animals a refuge and a sought-after habitat. Garden lovers are thus also making a contribution to more species protection on their own doorstep. Find Portuguese laurel for sale in Ireland now and turn your garden into an even more beautiful place.

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