If you have a garden on the coast, then a seaside hedge will not only be a beautiful decoration but will also serve a protective function. Because there are only certain hedge plants that are suitable for coastal areas, walls or fences are often used to protect the garden from the strong sea winds. This is a logical decision, but in many ways, a hedge is a better option, mainly because of its structure.

If you need wind protection, your best bet is to go with a deciduous or an evergreen hedge plant that is wind resistant and tolerant to salt. The climate on the coast is usually rather mild, therefore, you do not need to use a particularly hardy seaside hedge, since temperatures on the coast very rarely drop below 0 degrees.

Oil willow is a beautiful evergreen hedge plant that is particularly wind resistant, making it well suited. If you prefer a flowering hedge with beautiful flowers or berries, then you can use, for example, the potato rose, blackthorn, or barberry.

Griselinia littoralis, or New Zealand broadleaf, is not the best-known hedge plant, but for the coast, it is the best option. Because New Zealand has many coastal regions, the plants that grow there must be well storm resistant. And this is absolutely the case with Griselinia littoralis, it is evergreen, wind resistant, and salt resistant. The only downside, it should not be planted in the shade. Otherwise, it might wither in a couple of years, even though this is a hardy plant.

By the way, some hedge plants that are particularly often planted in the garden, such as yew or cherry laurel, are not well suited for coastal areas. A yew hedge, for example, is very wind resistant, but not particularly salt-resistant (do not forget to pay attention to this important factor).

Of course, you can’t use just any plants in a garden that is located on the coast. However, this does not mean that there are fewer options for the seaside hedge. Suitable plants are available in a variety of species and sizes, and can protect your garden from strong, salty ocean winds better than a wall or fence. And if you want everything to go much faster, take a look at ready-made hedges, which are already fully grown and ready for immediate use.

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