Are you redesigning your garden or do you just want to plant a hedge, and your choice has fallen on a laurel? We can not say only that it is a good choice! A laurel hedge has many good qualities for a beautiful dense hedge. Now the only question is when is the best time to plant a laurel hedge in Ireland? You will be surprised when the best time is.

But first, let us briefly explain the characteristics of a laurel hedge. Because a laurel hedge grows quickly and forms a beautiful dense shrub, it is very suitable as a hedge plant. The laurel loves both sun and shade. At the same time, laurel hedge plants are very hardy and can survive temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius. A cherry laurel Novita or Genolia tolerates temperatures down to -25 degrees. At the same time, a laurel hedge is known for its fast growth, depending on the species, a cherry laurel hedge grows up to 1,5 feet per year, and this ensures that you quickly get a nice dense hedge!

The fact that you can plant laurel hedge plants at any time brings some advantages. For example, you have bought a new house but can only plant your garden during winter or late fall. For such situations, you can get ready-made hedges or cherry laurel hedge plants in a container.

In general, you can plant laurel hedge plants with root balls from the end of September to mid-May. This is always a bit dependent on the weather. Cherry laurel hedge plants in a container or as a ready-made hedge can be planted all year round!

Planting laurel hedge during frost

All laurel hedge plants from can be planted any time of the year, but not when it is minus degrees outside and there is frost on the ground. In extremely warm weather we also do not recommend planting hedge plants. This has to do with the fact that in such situations the plant cannot absorb water or nutrients. In all other situations, a high-quality laurel hedge plant is very easy and quickly satisfied with its new home! We always recommend digging the hole where the plant will be placed a little deeper and filling it up a little with nutritious soil so that the new hedge gets nutrients directly.

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