Over the years, laurel hedge plants greatly increased in popularity. Nowadays, you can see them in a variety of houses all over the world. Why? Mostly because with it, a green and natural atmosphere in your garden is guaranteed.

In theory, a laurel hedge can be planted in any garden. However, there are varieties that might be less suitable for you than others. If you have a small garden in the city, then just choose a variety that stays fairly low and doesn’t grow as fast. In a medium to large gardens, all varieties do well.

Such a hedge goes well with many different garden styles, and you can always find one that will fit well. The laurel hedging is also popular because the plant has few soil requirements and does very well with most soil types. It can be planted in sunny, semi-shady, or shady locations, and will quickly grow into a magnificent garden border anywhere. Don’t forget to trim the plants from time to time, or hire a professional to do it.

Hedges can be planted all year round. However, do not plant on a warm, sunny day. Also, when there is frost, it is better to wait before planting because there is a risk that your beautiful hedge will die right away. Also, digging a planting hole will be more difficult in frost. A cold night will not harm the laurel hedge, but if sub-zero temperatures maintain for even one day, the planting of the hedge must be postponed.

Before you place an order for a laurel hedge plant, it is important to determine what color suits your garden. It comes in different variants and shades: glossy light green, dark green, white or orange flower, and dark fruit. All these can give your garden a beautiful look even in the colder winter months. The main advantages of laurel are its versatility, rapid growth cycle, and dense vegetation.

Decide beforehand exactly how many plants you need for laurel hedging. Before you put the plants in the ground, moisten the roots well. Are all the plants in the right place? Shovel the hole back in and press the soil down, so the plant is firmly planted in the ground. Laurel hedge plants retain their foliage in winter, so you can enjoy the beautiful sight all year round, and it will also shield you from the prying eyes of neighbors!

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