Want to plant a new hedge in your garden? Then you should definitely consider laurel. There are several varieties, so choose the one that best fits the design of your garden. A laurel hedge is not only particularly beautiful to look at, but it also offers many other advantages.

First, all varieties of laurel are evergreen. In addition, most of them are hardy. Do you want to enjoy a beautiful hedge all year round? Then a cherry laurel hedge is just the thing. The great advantage of an evergreen hedge is the privacy it provides from the prying eyes of neighbors and passersby, even in winter.

Second, many laurel varieties, such as common laurel, have large, thick leaves. This has many benefits. After planting, you will have an opaque hedge relatively quickly. In addition, the large leaves reduce noise from traffic by quite a bit. Is there a highway near your house? Then it is a good idea to get a slightly taller laurel hedge as a garden border. Of course, it will never eliminate all the road noise, but it will dampen it significantly.

Third, laurel is known for its fast growth. Have you chosen a cherry laurel hedge? Then you will have a full, opaque hedge quite quickly. Varieties that grow very quickly include Rotundifolia and Novita, these hedge plants all grow about 15 to 25 inches a year. The Portuguese laurel grows a bit slower, gaining 10 to 20 inches per year.

The Portuguese laurel is also a variety that grows into a very slender plant. This makes the hedge suitable for smaller gardens. However, it should be cut once a year to keep its beautiful, well-groomed shape. 

And fourth, laurel is very easy to trim. For many garden owners, it is a big advantage. Do you want a narrow hedge with an elegant look? In this case, you should cut the plant twice a year. Of course, this does not apply to all types, as some grow slower than others. It’s best to trim your hedge in the spring before the new branches come up. Do you want your hedge to be beautiful and well-kept looking even in winter? Then trim the hedge again in the fall.

No matter what laurel you choose, they all have one thing in common: their elegance and glossy foliage add great ornamental value to your garden all year round.

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I am Adrian Byrne, the owner of Hedging.ie and Laurehedging.ie. I have 20-year experience in the Horticulture industry and working with customers.

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