Laurel hedge plants (Laurel hedging), which are fast-growing and evergreen, can tolerant in most soils in full sun or partial sun. Therefore, it is one of the many popular hedging plants in Ireland.

The laurel hedging offers many advantages including:

  • Privacy, shelter from the elements
  • Providing important habitat for insects and wildlife.
  • Hedging softens the footprint of buildings, blends them more naturally with the landscape.
  • Making a laurel hedge or living screen as a barrier between you and unsightly objects or a windbreak.

There are different varieties of Laurel plants such as the Common Laurel (Prunus Laurocerasus or Cherry Laurel), Portuguese Laurel (Prunus Lusitanica, or Portuguese Laurel). You can learn more information in Blog section in terms of how plants and care potted laurel hedge plants.

We sell and offer nationwide delivery. We have strong, bushy, and well-feathered potted laurel hedging. If you want to buy bare-root Common Laurel or Portuguese Laurel, you can visit our

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