Laurel can be planted not only as a hedge in the garden, it is also well suited for growing in a pot. Potted laurel plants are well suited for winter months when it is not advisable to actually plant them outside.

If you have the laurel in a pot, you can place it in a variety of places. Not only in the garden, where the beautiful leaves always look good, but also in a sunny place on your balcony or terrace. The plant can create a wonderful atmosphere wherever your place of rest is. And if you want to pick the leaves of the laurel and use them for spices, go ahead.

Growing a common laurel in a pot is more difficult, but ensures that the plant can be easily transported and later replanted outside. Many ready-made hedges come in a container, pot, or plant bag. If the laurel is then planted in the home garden, you don’t have to deal with dead plants and falling leaves. However, growing in pots takes more time and money, and therefore the plants are more expensive. 

In recent years, the Portuguese laurel has become very popular. More and more people are becoming enchanted by its luxurious appearance and charming bloom. But no matter what type of laurel you choose, it is very easy to replant from the pot. If you do it in well-drained soil, it can become a real eye-catcher in your garden.

Some varieties, like the above-mentioned Portuguese laurel, might need a little more attention after planting. If you add some humus-rich garden soil to the planting hole, you increase the chance that the laurel will grow well. Of course, this is also the case if the soil in your garden is rich in humus anyway.

Always keep the soil moist enough but make sure that waterlogging cannot form. But the top layer of soil should never be too dry. If necessary, use an organic garden fertilizer in the first year. Once the laurel is well grown, you can simply let it be. However, especially in the first year, it is important to take good care of it on a regular basis.

The advantage of potted laurel plants is that you do not have to plant them immediately, you can even wait a few weeks. They are also available all year round. However, you should place the plants in a protected place and make sure they get enough water.

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