Common laurel can be called by other names such as Prunus laurocerasus or Cherry Laurel. It is often referred to as the English laurel tree in the trade. Common Laurel is one of many types of laurel plants used to form a sheared hedge because of its waxy green foliage and vigorous growth habit. It makes a nice alternative to the more common Arborvitae hedge. This evergreen can survive both sun and partial shade. It prefers moist, organic-rich soils that are acidic. It can be found near the ocean as it can withstand salt spray.


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1. How to plant Common Laurel 


Common laurel should be planted in any moist but well-drained moderately fertile soil in sun or partial shade. Superb hedging shrub but may become chlorotic on poorer, shallow chalky soils.


Propagate by semi-ripe cuttings from late summer to autumn or hardwood cuttings from late autumn to late winter; propagate by seed in autumn.


2. How to care 


The ideal time to prune is late spring or early summer. Especially, customers should shy away from pruning in hot days.


Leaves may be damaged by vine weevil and leaf-mining moths


See laurel leaf diseases on The Royal Horticulture Society (RHS) website or our blog

3. Maintenance of Common Laurel (Cherry Laurel Hedge)

Common Laurel Hedging and Laurel hedging in general require little maintenance. One of the most important factors for a healthy hedge is weed control. Weeds at the bottom of your hedge can stop your laurel hedge from growing down to the ground. Laurel hedging can be trimmed in late spring or early summer as the hedge will produce new shoots this time of year. 

We provide high-quality potted common laurel from 40 to 200 cm in height. Customers also look at bare-root plants at Hedging.ie. Contact us to discuss more.

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2L and 40-60cm, 3L and 60-80cm, 10L and 80-100cm, 10L and 100-125cm, 20L and 125-150cm, 40L and 175-200 cm, 110L trough and 175-200cm, 12 – 14 inches, 2 – 3ft, 3ft High in 2L Pot, 3 – 4ft High in 5L Pot


Chalk, Loam, Sand, Clay


Moist but well-drained, Well-drained


Hardy to -15°C

Season of Interest

Year round colour


Full Sun or Partial Shade

Time to ultimate height

20-50 years


Leaves and fruit may be harmful if ingested

Plant zone

6 to 9


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