Are you looking for a stylish hedge? Portuguese laurel comes into its own in both a large cottage garden and a small urban garden. This variety has relatively small, dark green leaves. The foliage grows particularly dense. If left to grow, a hedge can grow up to three feet tall. Therefore, this evergreen plant provides good privacy all year round. Today we explain how and when to plant a Portuguese laurel.

About Portuguese laurel

It is a member of the rose family (rather than the laurel genus, as the name suggests). This variety initially comes, unsurprisingly, from Portugal. But this plant also feels at home in most temperate climates. If not trimmed annually, the plant can grow into a stately tree.

When to plant it?

It is best to plant a laurel in the spring, March or April. It can also be planted in the fall. Then it is best to do it in September or October. Hedge plants that would be grown in containers can even be planted throughout the year. It is important that it does not freeze at night. Also, we do not recommend planting in extreme drought. If the soil is too dry or frozen, the roots will not be able to absorb enough water and the plant may then dry out.

How to plant it?

If you want to plant a laurel, you should first put the plant in water for at least one hour. Please do not remove the jute bag that protects the root ball. It is made of biological material that will decompose itself over time. Do not put the plant too deep into the ground. Also, make sure that the soil is permeable to water. If the laurel stands in water for too long, the roots of the plant will rot, and ultimately it will wither.

The Portuguese laurel thrives in sunny to semi-shady locations in moderately dry, fresh, and well-drained soils that can be slightly acidic. The shrub is similarly adaptable to the common laurel and will grow in dry substrates. Although it is considered hardy, it needs a site protected from winter sun and cold, dry easterly winds.

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