Cherry laurel copes with almost all types of soil, and it grows rapidly into a hedge. Its advantages are obvious – nevertheless, the woody plant, which is popular among hobby gardeners in Ireland, is somewhat controversial among professionals.

Shrubs have large evergreen leaves, which means boredom and monotony from the perspective of garden designers. This is also true from an ecological side. The shrub offers little added value. In addition, the strong-growing woody plant quickly gets out of shape. And it certainly suffers frost damage in winter, adds Forster.

However, many problems can be avoided with proper care and the selection of certain varieties. For example, a variety that grows well in Ireland may be susceptible to frost. There are up to 20 varieties, so you will definitely find something suitable. Amature gardeners should look for this information when buying.

Varieties that have slender and slow growth are currently popular. We suggest looking for the variety Rotundfolia, which shoots up more weakly. Among the new varieties, Cleopatra has a fairly moderate growth rate, and Genolia has a very slender growth. The variety Lusitanica is slender, winter-hardy, moderately vigorous, and can also be shaped well.

The ideal location for the cherry laurel is in partial shade. For really shady places gardeners should fall back on strongly growing varieties. However, under trees, for example, pressure from the roots of woody plants on the cherry laurel can play a role. You have to prepare the soil meticulously so that the shrubs can grow in well.

But the cherry laurel is adaptable when it comes to the condition of the soil. Only waterlogging is bad. In extremely dry weather, the bushes should be watered. It is also important to choose a good quality plant for purchase. The product should be sold in a large pot. Amateur gardeners should find a picture of the root ball on a store website, and the soil in the pot should be rooted. High-quality specimens are evenly structured and have good foliage all around.

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